Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Big Kid Island - full of monsters,booby traps,secret passageways and other fun stuff, but beware NO LITTLE KIDS ALLOWED

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This summer I was blissfully reunited with my beautiful gorgeous(inside and out) friend Patti(now Trish)who I hadn't seen in 37 years. She and her husband live outside of Seattle with a 21 year old feline named Tut plus seven feral cats. And a raccoon who kept sticking its head through the cat door.

It's truly mind boggling how it was possible to pick up just where we left off. The last time we were together Trish and I were on a frenetic cross country excursion. At 17 and 18 neither of us knew how to drive since we had met in Germany where it was a complex task to obtain a license. We had arranged a ride from Seattle to Denver with this group of people who included an ex Roman Catholic priest,someone who was recently released from a mental hospital and a person who was a dwarf. At one point in Idaho perhaps the guy who had just gotten out of the mental hospital veered off the road and kept driving to the very edge of a cliff. I started laughing and then so did every one else. Now I was thinking did this really happen? And Trish confirmed it did.