Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The superultratalented AmyCartwright has kindly bequeathed upon me the beautiful art inspiration award from the wonderful Bella Sinclair Sisterhood is indeed powerful so I pass this award on to:
Yoon See
Majeak Ann


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Now if anyone deserves this great award it's indeed YOU!!!!! OMG how you deserve this. I have been coming to your blog for just about a year now and in all those months I have never been disappointed. Your work is such an inspiration to me. I have always adore your retro style and charm. Your illustration do something wonderful to my head and heart each time I see them. I feel like I've stepped into another word and I have to tell you that, THAT POWER!!!! The Lord has blessed you with such a wonderful gift. Many may try to copy your style, but it is what He has given Kay to do and you do it so very , very well. You are an awesome illustrator and creator of happiness. It is my joy to know you and to see your fabulous work. Keep doing what you are doing. It's encouraged me on so many levels and so many days. Thank so you sooooo very much Kay for sharing your wonderful gifts with all of us. God bless your hands and your imagination always.
Hugs a plenty,

Kay Aker said...

Vanessa, you are an amazing blessing and encourager! Your warmth and enthusiasm are infectious! Praise God!

Majeak Ann said...

Oh-Thank you Kay!
You are amazing :).I agree with Vanessa, you totally deserve it.

I will make a post of it, as soon as I am able, and pass it on.

Divine love,♥

yoon see said...

Hello sister Kay Aker,
Firstly, congrats on this fabulous award! Indeed, I agree with Vanessa that you are a wonder artist, so gifted, since i discovered your blog, I try not to miss your postings. Each postings are very special by its self. I really happy to know you.
Love your ideas behind, love the end result too and loving the textures a lot!
I am in awe......with your talent!
Thank you, thank you and thank you for passing this award to me. I am so honoured and will be putting it up on my blog.
I want others to know about this!

Amy C said...

thanks for your kind kind words!
It really was an honor to pass it on to your total creative genius ;)