Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

David Somes and his alter ego and compatriot Pickledog have kindly and generously bequeathed upon me the Thinking Blogger award. It makes me feel simultaneously honored and really really smart. So I had to think a lot about five to pass it on to. There is just so much sheer brain wattage out there sizzling and crackling away,difficult to choose.

Cristova - Loontown's denizens consist of an odd assortment of wacked-out beetles,wayfaring misfits and malcontents who ponder and pontificate on life's quandaries and dilemnas. How much quirky zaniness and profundity can exist in one spot? Rummage through Loontown's official archives and discover.

Marjorie Ann Valez - "Majeak Ann's" incomparable work is magically ethereal and brilliantly whimsical. From the upper echelon's of beguiling charm her images delight and intrigue. She has been extremely busy of late illustrating numerous books and it's abundantly obvious why. Ever dazzling!

Valerie Walsh - Valerie Walsh is an accomplished artist who possesses the distinct ability to imbue inanimate objects - especially houses- with compelling personality and appealing whimsicality. One can never look at dwellings quite the same after viewing her artwork.

Carla Kurt - Anonyrrie exhibits a perfect confluence between fanciful imagery and poetic text. Be amazed, enthralled and enchanted. Always pushing the proverbial envelope.

Twisselman - With expertly wrought and multi layered artwork and insightful commentary Twisselman's blog proffers deep insights into the vicissitudes of human and animal existence. But what I really want to say is there's a lot of really good stuff here.


ValGalArt said...

Geez! You really have a way with words! You're not just another pretty face!!! Thank You!

Majeak Ann said...

Oh Kathryn, I didn't noticed it(I am so distracted, by the way I just made a post that talk about these things. I will pass it on. This keeps me thinking. I will let you know when is ready.
I also agree with Val. You do know how to put the perfect words to describe.
THANKS much!